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Baidyanath Nagpur Swarna Bhasma with Pure Gold, 500 Mg

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Purified Gold Powder


20 mg to 50 mg twice daily with honey or as advised by the physician

Product description

Contains 1 pc swarna bhasma 500 mg. helps to improve low appetite, lack of digestion, This ayurvedic medicine improves muscle strength and helps in all diseases like muscular dystrophy. Swarna bhasma helps to improve low appetite, lack of digestive fire also improves muscle strength, helps in all wasting diseases like muscular dystrophy . Swarna bhasma brings out quickly the colour and beauty of the body.

Key Benefits:

• Balancing hormonal changes in the body
• Fatigue and weakness
• Gastritis
• All types of cancer
• Skin diseases
o Improving skin color
o Eczema
o Antiaging
o Psoriasis
• Men’s Health
o Improving sexual power
o Infertility
• Women’s Health
o Uterine weakness
o Infertility
• Lungs and Airways
o Chronic bronchitis
o Cough
o Asthma
o Allergic rhinitis
o Weak digestion
o Tuberculosis
• Mind and Brain
o Bipolar disorder
o Trigeminal neuralgia
o Fight depression
o Improving human intelligence
• Fever infection
o Chronic fever
o Typhoid fever
o Blood poisoning
o Gonorrhea
o Upper respiratory infection
• Bone, joints & muscles
o Rheumatoid Arthritis
o Osteoarthritis


• For An infant to 5 year old: take 5 mg once a day
• For 5-10 year old: take 10 mg once a day
• For 10-16 years old: take 15mg once a day
• For adult: do not take not more than 125mg (in divided doses)

Safety Information:

• Read the label carefully before use
• Keep out of the reach of children
• Use under medical supervision
• Should not be taken with bael fruit
• Never be used for 9 months in continuance
• Do not exceed the recommended dose

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Baidyanath Nagpur Swarna Bhasma with Pure Gold, 500 Mg
Baidyanath Nagpur Swarna Bhasma with Pure Gold, 500 Mg


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