Hajma Pachak Churna: Benefits, Side Effects, and FAQ’s


Hajma Pachak Churna is an Ayurvedic formulation made from natural herbs that help to improve digestion and regulate bowel movements. This traditional remedy has been used for centuries in India to treat digestive disorders and promote overall health. In this article, we will discuss the benefits, side effects, and FAQ’s of Hajma Pachak Churna.

What is Hajma Pachak Churna?

हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण is a natural Ayurvedic remedy made from a blend of herbs and spices. The key ingredients in this churna are cumin, ginger, coriander, fennel, black pepper, and rock salt. These ingredients are known for their digestive properties and are used to improve digestion, relieve gas, and promote bowel movements. हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण is available in powdered form and can be taken with water after meals.

What are the Benefits of Hajma Pachak Churna?

हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण has several benefits for the digestive system and overall health. Some of the benefits are:

a. Improves digestion:

The herbs and spices in हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण help to stimulate the digestive enzymes and improve the overall digestive system. This helps to prevent indigestion, bloating, and other digestive disorders.

b. Relieves constipation:

हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण is a natural laxative and helps to regulate bowel movements. It helps to soften the stool and make it easier to pass, thereby relieving constipation.

c. Reduces gas and bloating:

The carminative properties of the herbs in हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण help to reduce gas and bloating in the stomach.

d. Boosts immunity:

The herbs in हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण have antioxidant properties that help to boost immunity and protect the body against various infections.

e. Enhances appetite:

हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण helps to improve appetite and promotes the secretion of digestive juices, which aids in digestion.

What are the Side Effects of Hajma Pachak Churna?

Although हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण is a natural remedy, it can cause side effects in some people. The possible side effects are:

a. Heartburn:

हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण contains spices that can increase stomach acid, which can lead to heartburn in some people.

b. Allergic reaction:

Some people may be allergic to the ingredients in हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण and may experience symptoms like rash, itching, and swelling.

c. Diarrhea:

हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण is a laxative and can cause diarrhea in some people if taken in excess.

d. Low blood pressure:

हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण contains salt, which can lower blood pressure in some people.

Who should Avoid Hajma Pachak Churna?

हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण is generally safe for most people. However, it should be avoided by people with certain medical conditions like:

a. Ulcers:

हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण can increase stomach acid and aggravate ulcers, so people with ulcers should avoid it.

b. Kidney disease:

हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण contains salt, which can be harmful to people with kidney disease or those on a low-sodium diet.

c. Pregnancy and breastfeeding:

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण as there is not enough information available about its safety during these stages.

d. Children:

हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण should not be given to children without consulting a doctor as the dosage needs to be adjusted according to their age and weight.


How to Use Hajma Pachak Churna?

हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण is generally taken after meals. Here’s how to use it:

a. Take one to two teaspoons of हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण with water after meals.

b. The powder can also be mixed with warm water, honey, or lemon juice to make a paste and consumed.

c. The recommended dosage for adults is one to two teaspoons per day, but it should be taken as per the advice of a doctor.

d. It is important to store हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण in a cool, dry place away from moisture and direct sunlight.

FAQ’s about Hajma Pachak Churna

a. Is Hajma Pachak Churna addictive?

No, हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण is not addictive.

b. Can Hajma Pachak Churna be taken with other medications?

It is advisable to consult a doctor before taking हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण with other medications as it may interact with certain drugs.

c. How long does it take to see the results of Hajma Pachak Churna?

The results of हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण vary from person to person, but most people experience relief from digestive problems within a few days of starting to take it.

d. Is Hajma Pachak Churna safe for long-term use?

हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण is safe for long-term use as long as it is taken in the recommended dosage and under the supervision of a doctor.


हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण is a traditional Ayurvedic remedy that has been used for centuries to improve digestion and promote overall health. It is made from a blend of natural herbs and spices that have digestive properties and can relieve constipation, reduce gas and bloating, boost immunity, and enhance appetite. However, it can cause side effects in some people, and certain groups should avoid it. It is important to consult a doctor before taking हाजमा पाचक चूर्ण and to follow the recommended dosage for safe and effective use.

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